Legacy Of Light Exhibition Vienna

I was honored to be a part of the Legacy of Light Exhibition at Castle Gloggnitz near Vienna this Summer as one of a hundred artists.  My work was hanging amongst many of my heroes including Ernst Fuchs, Mati Klarwein, De Es, and Robert Venosa.  

Saints and Sinners Show

I will have a couple paintings at the Saints, Sinners, and Self-Portraits show this coming First Friday in Denver at Chac Gallery on Sante Fe, July 1st.  I will be unveiling my very large piece I have been working on for 6 months, and I'm also showing my painting of Quetzalcoatl shown here in the flyer.

New Painting Progress

Here is the finished underpainting of a commission I'm working on right now, 9 feet tall, to be shown at Chac Gallery on Sante Fe on First Friday of July, July 1st 2016

A new little practice piece I'm working on